From Jeddah to LA


Well it's Mister Pimptastic Gangstalizm in the pimpsness
Approach the scene ... HANDS UP ... Like a witness
كيف الحال ؟ قصي معاكم من جدة
While my man Fredwreck in L.A. with the scripture
MTV Arabia Collaboration
Hip Hop Na hosts exposing the arab nation
So who's qualified for this move but the two of us ? So get on the bus!
Tha K.S.A. was introduced to Hip Hop
By the west Coast sound when Death RowsChronic album dropped
It was all about the Gangsta Boogie
From the Aqua Boogie, whether you pro or rookie
My man 2pac was the icon here
all eyes on me still the album of the year
I love Hip Hop and she loves me too
Jeddah city...that's how we do

I remember listining to Ice T, NWA
Easy E, Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Dr. Dre
MC Hammer, Pharcyed, and X tp the Z
Luniz, Nate Dogg, and Julio G
Dogg Pound...that's kurupt and Daz
Cypress Hill, The D.O.C. and Everlast
Spice 1, E-40, Mack 10, WC
And of course Snoop D O double G
It's all crips or bloods
We all C-walking while we rolling on dubs
Hip Hop gear, got no fear
وإلي مو عاجبه يروح يطير
It's promiscuous
So conspicuous
عربي وغربي sounds so ridiculous
من حي لحي والمزاج رايق
لايق عليك لايق

على باب مين يشيل I got this game on lock
Explore the spot from block to block and I
Can't leave Jeddah city the streets need me
I rap about the culture cuz my people feeds me
Hated by most cuz the media screwed me
Cuz the most wanted man in the world is Saudi
Conspiracy theory but I got the power
I slow your momentum like the rush hour
Like keeps changing colors like the kamelion
I adapt to the sound loved by the million
Marinate on the flow made the kitchen
The lab with the recipe and the fiction
One of the hardest working entertainers in the Middle East
Get on yo ass like Bebe kids
I tried to tell you but it is what it is
It's an Arabic thing man...peace!

From Jeddah to L.A. HEY!
I write the rhymes, he lace the beats, to hit the streets
From Jeddah to L.A. HEY!
The West Coast of the U.S. and K.S.A.
From Jeddah to L.A. HEY!
We taking over Hip Hop World Wide today
From Jeddah to L.A. HEY!
It's time for you to hear what we wanna say


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